You give us 90 days, and we’ll give you guaranteed results. The PEAK 90 Program is a three-phase program like no other. Custom designed by PEAK Performance’s founder and co-owner, Joe Dowdell, and nutritionist, Dr. Mike Roussell.  It’s specifically tailored to achieve your personal goals in 45 sessions. With the PEAK 90 Program you are only 90 days away from the best shape of your life.

The PEAK 90 Program:

3 Phase Program design (12 weeks total)

1 Functional Movement Screen Assessment

2 iMETT V02 sub-max tests

36 Strength and Conditioning Workouts

6 Soft Tissue Recovery and Regeneration Sessions

1 Consultation with Dr. Mike Roussell

90 Day Meal Plan Program

1 Nutritional Guidebook

90 Days of nutritional support from Dr. Mike Roussell

1 Radically Transformed Body