Performance Coach

Steven Ram has been a personal trainer for 10+ years helping everyday people train for the demands of their lives as well as a variety of athletes (football, soccer, baseball, tennis, and hockey players) . He uses his skills to empower the people he works with by educating them, teaching how to become healthier, improve daily functioning, and overall quality of life. He served as a strength and conditioning staff member at the University at Buffalo while earning his bachelor’s degree in the behavioral neuro- sciences. After training in the health club industry in NYC for 4 years Steven began searching for a top level training facility. Steven wanted to surround himself with self-motivated highly educated trainers and soon learned that Peak Performance was what he had been searching for.  He specializes in fat loss, distance coaching, strength training, sports performance, and post rehabilitation.

Certifications and Continuing Education:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)—Certified

Personal Trainer (Academy of Personal Training Education)—Certified

Athletes Performance Custom Mentorship Level 4


Power Plate Instructor—Certified

Kettlebell Instructor—Certified

Post Rehab of the Lumbar Spine, Knee and Shoulder Certified—Dr. Eric Degis

Pre/Post Natal Certified—Annette Lang

Precision Nutrition Coach—Pending

PEAK Program Design and Nutrition—Joe Dowdell & Dr. Mike Roussell

Modified Strongman Training—Joe Dowdell

Kettlebell Techniques—Mike Mahler

Hypertrophy Programming—Brad Schoenfeld

Olympic Lifting—Will Fleming

Preparation of Running Programs—Dean Somerset

Advanced Techniques in Core Training—Nick Tuminello

CPR/AED Certified-American Heart Association

Other Accolades:

Featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates across the country

50 hottest trainers in America—Shape magazine