Performance Coach

Jose Perez has been a personal trainer/corrective exercise specialist for over five years. After years in the corporate world of property management, Jose decided to switch gears dedicate his life to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. He made his start at New York Health and Racquet in New York City. Jose worked with current PEAK Performance Director of Continuing Education, Ed Williams, who played a role in Jose’s path as a trainer. After working his way up to a status of level 5 trainer, Jose felt the need to be in a serious training environment. Confident that his skills would make him a solid addition to the elite PEAK Performance staff, he made his move.

Jose’s clientele is comprised of professionals, a Broadway Director, athletes and the weekend warrior. He specializes in weight loss, body composition improvement, and sports-specific training, strength and corrective exercise.

Certifications and Continuing Education:

Personal Trainer (NASM)—Certified

Flexibility/Corrective Exercise Specialist (Swedish Institute)—Certified

Bio Signature Modulation Level 1—Certified

Athletes Performance Level 1 Mentorship

Russian Kettlebell Instructor (KBC)—Certified

Pre/Post Natal (Annette Lang) —Certified

Power Plate Level 1—Certified