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Performance Coach

Growing up a non-athlete, there was nothing Jessi dreaded more than the “mile run” day in gym class. Her attitude changed when she started studying dance and movement, and from there fell head over heels in love with exercise. Jessi now loves any activity that gets the body moving and feeling good, including running, interpretive dancing, hiking, lifting heavy things, and most recently snowboarding.


Becoming a part of the Peak Performance community has served as an invaluable resource for Jessi's quest to keep up with current exercise science and training modalities, as well as continuing education. This commitment to staying informed and up to date is what gives her the ability to truly personalize her training to each client, depending on their needs, goals, bodies, lifestyles, likes and dislikes.


Jessi empowers her clients to take control of their own bodies, coaches them to feel strong and confident, and places the emphasis on their potential rather than their restrictions. She believes that there is a type of exercise out there to match every person, and is passionate about helping her clients find theirs. This has resulted in some incredible transformations, including a client who lost over 80lbs, models whose careers took off, and brides who felt flawless on their wedding day.


While maintaining a clientele roster of models, moms, CEOs, weekend warriors, and gym newbies, Jessi specializes in helping clients establish and maintain life-changing healthy habits, and helping them achieve body composition transformations.



National Academy of Sports Medicine- CPT

CPR-AED Certified- American Red Cross

Certified Power Plate Instructor

Currently studying for RTS certification



Technical Advisor: Muscle & Fitness Hers

Technical Advisor: Shape Magazine


Additional Courses

Nutrition & Program Design- Joe Dowdell & PhD Mike Roussell

Kettlebell technique/Hormone Optimization, Level 1- Mike Mahler

Sports Performance Seminar- NCSA

Movement and Corrective Exercise Strategies – Dr. Perry Nickelston

Resistance Training Specialist- Levels 1, 2, 3