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“ONE OF THE 10 BEST GYMS IN AMERICA” -Men’s Health Magazine

Named by the editors of Men’s Health as one of The Ten Best Gyms In America, PEAK Performance employs the most qualified and educated training staff in New York City, on the most progressive, cutting-edge training floor to provide the ultimate environment to achieve your personal fitness goals.

We believe you don’t need more machines from your gym---you need more know-how.

Somewhere along the continuum from caveman to corner office, the computer (and couch) encroached on our active lifestyle. You likely don’t require government statistics to guess that less than a third of adults are meeting the recommended minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day. And the shortfall is showing not only in our waistbands, but in our life spans.

But never mind that for the moment. PEAK is devoted to redefining how your body looks inside and out. We are equally experienced in making good bodies great as we are in reclaiming those that have long been sidelined due to everything from work schedules to must-see TV.

At PEAK, we invite you to discover how a fresh, expert approach to inside-out fitness can seamlessly undo all that desk- and couch-sitting better than any gym membership card you’ve ever carried. And the differences you’ll see in the mirror will tell only half the story.

A healthier, stronger, more energized you means getting the most out of life, 24/7.


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